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A Number Of The Beasts
A Number of the Beasts
Location Jungle
Given By Mangus
Previous Deliver the Metal
Next Regret's Infinite Mire
Rewards 30 Fire Tributes
Start Jungle
End Temple of the Zaulia
“We're already an army, and you're not welcome to join it.” — Rima

"A Number of the Beasts" is the seventeenth story mission in Brütal Legend.


“Poison cat nip?” — The Baron

After Eddie Riggs repairs the bridge deconstructed by Drowned Ophelia, Mangus drives the Tour Bus across, only to be stopped by the sounds of beasts in the Jungle. Eddie inquires what is making the sound, to which The Baron replies "You don't want to know." Eddie formulates a plan to recruit the Metal Beasts into Ironheade. Mangus constructs a cage in the heart of the jungle, which Lita will use to trap the beasts.


Eddie gets serious.

After speaking with The Baron, the player double teams with the Fire Baron and is tasked with capturing three Metal Beasts. After waking them up, the player must lead them into the spotlight and trap them in a burning ring of fire. After they all trapped in the cage, a cutscene will play.

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Lita confesses that she was not leading them, but rather clinging to them. The Baron informs them that only the Zaulia can ride them. His sentence is cut short however, and the three find themselves surrounded by scantily-clad warriors at spearpoint.

The three are taken prisoner by the tribe and are imprisoned in the Temple of the Zaulia. Eddie tries to convince them to join Ironheade, but their queen, Rima, refuses. Her Metal Beasts sets fire to the cage housing Eddie, Lita, and the Baron, which slowly threatens to burn them alive.

To survive, the player must head to the back of the cage and play the Relic Raiser guitar solo near the Devil Thorns.

Once raised, the relic unveils a mural of Riggnarok, whom Eddie reveals is his father. With a newfound respect for the son of Riggnarok, Rima and the Zaulia decide to join Ironheade.

Brütal Defeat[]

The mission will fail if:

  • The Player dies.
  • The Fire Baron helping you is destroyed.


  • "A Number of the Beasts" is an allusion to the Iron Maiden song "The Number of the Beast".
  • Oddly, Mangus is seen in the cutscene after raising the temple, despite not being captured or remotely involved with the mission in any way other than building the cage to hold the beasts in.