Ancient Being
Gender Female
Special Features Her singing was absorbed by Madronal's roots and converted to sustenance for the First Ones, created the Sea of Black Tears
Aetulia was an ancient and beautiful being, who lived in the Untouched Place, singing to the roots of Madronal, the teated tree of drinking, which would then turn it to nourishment for the ungrateful First Ones who had escaped underground in order to escape Ormagöden's baneful light. The most avaricious of the First Ones trapped her in a cage and forced her to sing only for him, thereby gaining great power and becoming the First King.


The First King used Aetulia's song to lure Ormagöden to the ground, where the First Ones attempted to kill him, however, instead of simply being killed he exploded, creating the sun, and the oceans, which flooded through the world, drowning the First Ones. After being used to destroy the Cremator of the Skies, Aetulia was abandoned in the darkness. There, she wept constantly until she turned to dust, creating a Sea of Black Tears. Legend states that to this very day one can still hear her sorrowful and alluring song between the cracks of the mountain that seals the Sea off from the rest of the world.

Those who would drink from the Sea are granted a fraction of Aetulia's power, however, they will will also be cursed with her all consuming and eternal grief. Eventually, they would turn mad and destroy themselves, for they could not bear her great sorrow.

Considering this background, it's safe to assume that it's Aetulia herself (or at least her grieving spirit) that speaks these lines inside the skull mountain that seals the Sea of Black Tears:

"Through the woods a girl came sadly.
Something broken in her chest.
She had dared to love another.
Alas, no better than the rest.
Up my path the girl came gladly.
Something opened up my doors.
I longed to stop her bleeding heart.
And so I called her to my shores.
Those you trust will hurt you badly.
Something now I'm sure you see.
So drown your tears in me my dear.
As you drown, my dear, in me."


  • Aetulia could be considered the "mother" of Heavy Metal and Ormagöden the "father", as her beautiful song mixed with Ormagöden's scream which gave it power.


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