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The Titans race across the world in their Hot Rods.
“These colossal hot rods were a rolling temple to Ormagöden, forged from His gleaming flesh. They had a fiery engine for a heart that roared with the mighty god's death cry, scattering the Titans' enemies as they carried their civilisation across the globe.” — The Narrator

The Age of the Titans is the era that took place after Ormagöden destroyed the First Ones. This time period precedes the Age of Metal.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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This aeon marks the appearance of new races. Rising up from the rich oceans of Ormagöden's blood, the Titans and the Tainted Coil populated the Brütal Land. However, the Tainted Coil were so hated, they were almost driven to extinction. The Titans took pity on these creatures and adopted them as pets, thus saving the Coil from total annihilation.

The Titans eventually rose to the heavens where they became Metal Gods. This devastated the Coil, so they attempted to regenerate creatures in the Titan's image. This botched experiment brought Humans into existence. The Coil immediately despised their new creations and promptly enslaved the entire race.