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Altar of Blood
Altar of Blood
Map Type DLC (Hammer of Infinite Fate)
Fan Geysers 6
Starting Merch Booths 2

Altar of Blood is a multiplayer map in the Brütal Legend add-on, Hammer of Infinite Fate.


The hallowed temple found on this island was used as a place of retreat by the Zaulia during the Black Tear Rebellion. When facing insurmountable odds in battle, the Zaulia would use the power of this temple to unleash the Blood Vomit of the Beast, which would spill across the battlefield with choking fury, devouring those hits by its torrent. It is rumored that this power can still be unleashed by those strong enough to lead an army.


The map contains six Fan Geysers, two of which are neutral. Each faction's Megastage starts with two merch booth.

At the centre of the battlefield is a large draining pool that houses the neutral geysers covered by Fan Leeches. Using Earthshaker, avatars can flood the middle section of the map with The Blood Vomit of the Beast, dealing heavy continual damage to all units and avatars caught in the torrent.


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