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Artifacts of Legend are statues that hold the keys to the world's true history.



Chained up by Doviculus in an effort to suppress the truth, there are thirteen Artifacts of Legend spread across the land. The player can unlock this collectible by using the Earthshaker combo to break the chains holding it. Once activated, a cut-scene will play with a voice over from the Narrator.


  • Legends will play in a set order regardless of the order in which the artifacts are discovered.
  • Two artifacts cannot be accessed until a certain point in the single player campaign.
    • The artifact near the statue of Riggnarok cannot be accessed until after the mission "A Number Of The Beasts"
    • The artifact in the Black Tears Region cannot be accessed until the campaign is completed.


  • At no point in the game is it explained how to unlock Artifacts of Legend, and many players beat the campaign without ever figuring it out.
  • When released, the head of the orb holder looks quite similar to "Murray", the mascot of the Heavy Metal band Dio.
  • The way to unlock the Artifacts of legend is to use the "Earthshaker" attack (A+X on X-Box 360, X+Square on PS3 and Both Left & Right Mouse Buttons at the same time on PC) near them until the chains fall off and the eyes and orb glow red and blue, respectively.
  • At least on PC, the ''Power Slide'' attack can also destroy the chains.

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