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Death of Doviculus

An avatar is the character the player or AI adopts when fighting stage battles.



Avatars can be controlled by human or AI players, and are capable of issuing commands to units. When an avatar dies, 50 fans are given to the enemy faction. Every avatar has access to melee and guitar attacks, solos, and flight. They cannot directly attack enemy buildings or fan leeches; they must be destroyed by commanding units or double teaming. The maximum amount of avatars that can be present in a multiplayer stage battle is eight.


  • Despite acting as an avatar during the campaign, Lionwhyte is not selectable for multiplayer.
  • The only avatar who does not have wings is Lionwhyte, who uses his hair to fly.
  • With the Tears of the Hextadon add-on, Ironheade players will always use the Axe Of Ormagoden.