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Bat Cave
Bat Cave
Eddie in front of the entrance to the Bat Cave.
Vital statistics
Type Location
Continent Eastern Continent
Region Black Tear Region
Inhabitants Dadbat, Bat family
Location map
Batcave Map
“Bats are supposed to live in caves!” — Eddie Riggs

The Bat Cave is a location on the Eastern Continent of the Brütal Land. The Dadbat and his family live here.


The cave is found just off the Titan Highway, on the western side of the continent, accessible by driving down the crevice in the road. Dadbat and his family inhabit this place.


The side mission "Fiery in the Pad, Man!" takes place here. Eddie Riggs approaches Dadbat, who explains that sqautters have moved into his home. The player must kill six Sickle Wraiths and a unique Black Tear Tollusk before his family can move back in. After the mission is completed, they can be found trying to sleep in the deepest part of the cave.



  • The Bat Cave, along with The Sea of Black Tears are the only two locations in the game with a legitimate ceiling.
  • It is recommended to traverse the cave on foot, as there is very little room for The Deuce to navigate effectively.


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