Battersmith Titanic
A formidable fortification.
Vital statistics
Type Landmark
Continent Western Continent
Region Bladehenge
Inhabitants Hair Metal Militia
Location map
Battersmith Map

Battersmith is a location on the Western Continent of the Brütal Land.

Description Edit

It is shaped like a giant anvil, and resembles the Titans as they are seen in Crucible of the Titans, with chains reaching down from the clouds to attach to it, two red glowing eyes glowing on it. The surrounding area is mostly rocky desert inhabited by Tollusks and Ground Urchins. Beyond battersmith is the Cleave of the Impaler, where towers impale all those who attempt to pass, and the Pleasure Dome. Battersmith is guarded by Bouncers, who patrol the surrounding area until the mission "Fists Shall Fall" is completed. After Doom's Dawn is completed. the area is guarded by roaming Tainted Coil patrols for the rest of the game.

Loot Edit

Guitar Solos

Motor Forge
  • Motor Forge #5

Lightning Plug Jump
  • Jump #4

Buried Metal

Landmark Viewer
  • Landmark Viewer #28 - Battersmith

Bound Serpent
  • Serpent #68
  • Serpent #69
  • Serpent #17

Trivia Edit

  • The eyes on the giant anvil appear to resemble the eyes, or even the entire head, of Murray, the mascot for the heavy metal group Dio. It may also have inspiration from the metal group Anvil.
  • The area has cacti (that do no damage to either the player or The Deuce) that resemble exhaust pipes with spike-like "needles".
  • As the name of the area might allude to, Battersmith has a forge/foundry/blacksmith's shop aesthetic as far as the anvil-like rock formations, and the old Bouncer's quarters behind the wall has anvils, quench tanks, and lockers that a forge might have.
  • Battersmith's gate resembles a large fist like the Bouncers.

Story Edit

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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After "Tour of Destruction", Ironheade prepares to batter down the door of Battersmith in order to reach Lionwhyte's Pleasure Tower beyond The Cleave of the Impaler. Here, Eddie Riggs discovers that he has wings, which he uses to his advantage in the upcoming battle against the Hair Metal Militia, "Fists Shall Fall". After Eddie defeats the mortar operator and destroys the gates, Lionwhyte fires the Bouncers from his service, claiming he "should have known better than to hire workers who's hands are bigger than their brains." They subsequently join Ironheade.


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