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Battle Nun
Hierachy melee infantry
Hit Points 10 (14 superior, 18 divine)
Attack Damage 1.1dmg (1.4dmg superior, 2dmg divine)
Double Team Audience I (creates tier I units)
Support Effects Healing (for any units she has spawned)
Fan Cost 75
Load 1 (1 unit, 1 load each)
Special Traits Creates tier I units at her location
“Aha! Knew it. Big ugly demon... Kinda sexy though, in a weird way. Hm.” — Eddie Riggs

The Battle Nun is a Tainted Coil melee infantry hierarchy unit.


“Shame. Oh wait. I heard once killing nuns is bad luck. I better get outta here.” — Eddie Riggs

The Battle Nun appears in the very first mission, "Welcome to the Age of Metal", where one confronts the newly-arrived Eddie Riggs. Numerous Battle Nuns make an appearance during the mission.

After the time lapse where Ironheade has been in Death's Clutch for three months, they appear all across the Western Continent, leading patrols of Soul Kissers and Punishing Parties.

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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They also appear in "Abomination Overdrive", during Eddie's battle with Doviculus.


“Lithe, elegant, and deadly, the Battle Nun is the most common of the Coil's prestigious Hierarchy class.” — Tour Book

Melee infantry, hierarchy unit. Divine and Superior versions available. Slowly heals nearby minions and quickly regenerates her own health when surrounded by minions.

These tall demons use their elongated index fingers to slash enemies and in some instances, can scream with enough force to temporarily disorient a target.

Double Team[]

A Battle Nun producing new units.

Doviculus must hold an audience with Battle Nuns to produce Soul Kissers and Punishing Parties. If he holds an audience with a Divine or Superior Battle Nun, he can produce Divine or Superior Soul Kissers and Divine or Superior Punishing Parties.

The Battle Nun is vulnerable to attack while birthing new units, as she cannot move or fight back until the process is complete.


We must speak of our children.
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Come to me...
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
My seed germinates within you.
— Doviculus after Double-Teaming
What shape warrior do you desire?
— Battle Nun while Double-Teaming
— Battle Nun when approaching Grave Diggers
My lord, yes!
— Battle Nun while Double-Teaming
Emperor Doviculus! Let me bear your rage.
— Battle Nun when idle
I hope the Emperor is pleased with my work.
— Battle Nun when idle
I feel more discipline is needed.
— Battle Nun when idle
I should be breeding right now... I'm not getting any younger!
— Battle Nun when idle
Look at our gentle master commanding the sky!
— Battle Nun when Doviculus flies
I just don't know about these children.
— Battle Nun when idle
Might I breed for you, Master?
— Battle Nun when Doviculus is near
Gentle lord, are you in need of a Punishing Party?
— Battle Nun when Doviculus is near
Sweet Master, I want to give you Soul Kissers!
— Battle Nun when Doviculus is near
How does he do that?
— Battle Nun after Doviculus plays a guitar solo
This is not allowed!
— Battle Nun when friendly units are attacked
— Battle Nun when friendly units are attacked
Keep going, he's almost learned his lesson!
— Battle Nun while enemy Avatar is near death
They will thank us someday for the lessons we have given them today.
— Battle Nun after enemy units are destroyed
Now, I think we understand each other.
— Battle Nun after enemy units are destroyed
You see what comes from their unruly behavior, children?
— Battle Nun after enemy units are destroyed
Settle down!
— Battle Nun when in combat
Solitude does not frighten me.
— Battle Nun after friendly units are destroyed
You're not supposed to be here.
— Battle Nun when enemy Avatar is near stage
— Battle Nun when idle
Coil advance!
— Battle Nun when Doviculus commands them to attack
Naughty fans! Stop playing in that well!
— Battle Nun when attacking Drowning Doom Fan Geyser
Don't celebrate just yet, children. We haven't started the organ harvest yet.
— Battle Nun when enemy stage is destroyed


  • ConceptArt13
    The Battle Nuns are voiced by April Stewart, Courtenay Taylor, Megan Hollingshead, and Julianna Buescher.
  • Their personalities are an amalgamation of the mean nun stereotype and the dominatrix.
    • Additionally, "nun" back in the Elizabethan era was a slang term for prostitute, further alluding to the Coil's sexual and religious themes.
  • The units they create have more in connection with the BDSM lifestyle than all of the Coil.
  • When the Tainted Coil wins a stage battle, they can sometimes be heard saying rather enthusiastically, "Let's get back home for the orgy!"
  • The Battle Nuns in the first and last missions of the campaign have different move set than those encountered in the rest of the game and in multiplayer. These nuns use a scream attack to disorient Eddie, as opposed to their melee strike.
  • Their mouths resemble zippers, complete with pull tab on the left side.