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Beach Party
Party Approach
No, THIS, is where the party's at.
Vital statistics
Type Location
Continent Western Continent
Region Beach
Inhabitants Ironheade
Location map
Beach Map

The Beach Party is a location along the northern coast of the Western Continent of the Brütal Land.


Ironheade forces can be found here drinking beer and partying. After the Headbangers are freed, they well be seen scattered throughout the encampment. As more units are recruited, they will show up here.

After the campaign is completed, the player can join them by interacting with any of the units found here. Eddie Riggs will ask to join in, to which the others respond with estatic merriment. Eddie will continue to drink beer from a plastic cup until the player presses the action button.


The side mission "Ride of the Wing Man" takes place here. The Casanova Headbanger will task the player with forming a mosh pit and keeping the Thunderhog riders away whilst he woos an airheaded Razor Girl.


  • If the player drives The Deuce to the Beach Party, the Mouth of Metal will shut itself off in favor of the music being played at the Party.
  • A little to the west the player can find a Headbanger throwing up in the grass.


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