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A close-up of the Belt Buckle seen in the announcement trailer.
“It was made for a god, not for you, not for a roadie....” — The Narrator

The Belt Buckle, also known as The Idol of Ormagöden is a token of the Fire Beast Ormagöden created by The Tainted Coil. It is responsible for taking Eddie Riggs back in time to the The Age of Metal, initiating the events of the game.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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“Yeah, I accidentally got a little blood in its mouth and it totally went nuts on me. ” — Eddie Riggs
Eddie finds his father's belt buckle in his attic along with a bunch of his old stuff after he died. He later learns that it is actually an artifact forged from the flesh of Ormagöden used by the former demonic Emperor Succoria. Before the Season of Pain begins, she took with her the artifact and a small group of slaves. With an offering of blood in its mouth, the token would return that person to the Temple of Ormagöden.


  • The original design for The Idol bore a noticeable resemblance to Snaggletooth, (the iconic mascot of the heavy metal band, Motörhead). But this design was abandoned as development progressed.
  • A second design for The Idol (which also became the one used in the trailer), looked slightly different. It was referred to as "The Mask" by The Narrator. This design can be seen on the front of the Tour Bus between the windshield and grill.
  • During the "Maggots Devour the Corpse of Hope" legend, Riggnarok can be seen wearing the idol on his belt. This could mean that Riggnarok intentionally reshaped the idol into that design to keep it close to him (as he probably felt it would ensure no one would accidentally activate it and be sent back in time). If that is indeed the case, it would explain why Eddie assumed it was no more than a common belt buckle (as he likely would have seen his father wearing it himself at some point).