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Black Tear Monster
Black Tear Monster
Habitat Sea of Black Tears
Disposition Hostile to Ironheade
Locomotion Stationary
Special Features Can spawn Tainted Coil units, Roar is deadly to Eddie Riggs
You made her into a little monster. Now let me show you how to make a big one!” — Doviculus

The Black Tear Monster is a titanic creature summoned by Emperor Doviculus during the mission "Abomination Overdrive". It is formed from the Sea of Black Tears and the Cathedral overlooking it.


The monster has three heads - a central one that spits out injectors that spawn Tainted Coil units and a head on either side chained to the main head. Each of the side heads has a single stained glass "eye", while the Central Head itself houses two such "eyes". The side heads are also capable of shooting Black Tear masses at a size and damage similar to Weeping Heavens, although they only shoot one mass at a time, as opposed to a full barrage.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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“We need to attack the sides! Bring down those heads!” — Eddie Riggs
Doviculus creates the Black Tear Monster by playing a guitar solo with his quadruple-necked Hydra. It replaces the Megastage in the final stage battle, with the objective being to take down the side heads. To do this, the player must command units to attack each head. Once a head sustains enough damage, it will fall, leaving it susceptible to attack from Eddie Riggs personally. To destroy the head, the player must summon the Deuce and drive it into the glass eye. Once this is done for both sides, the player can drive into the middle head for the final boss battle with Doviculus. After defeating him in battle, the monster sinks back into the Sea.



  • If the player flies to the middle head before taking down both heads, the center head will focus on Eddie, and roar loudly enough to block out the music playing from the Megastage, while dealing heavy damage to him, even kiling him if he's close enough.
  • The Black Tear Monster's three headed nature is a possible reference to the Hydra of Greek mythology, however, destroying one head of the Black Tear Monster DOESN'T cause two more to grow in its place.
  • One possible metal reference is the main skull of the central head, in which it vaguely resembles the skull icon commonly used by the band GWAR, which also has one large round eye socket and a smaller, normal socket.