Black Tear Rebellion

The Black Tear Rebellion was the first human rebellion against the Tainted Coil.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Originally nameless, the human rebellion came to be when the humans threw off the chains of their oppression and fought back seeking freedom, led by Riggnarok. So successful was their conquest that the Demons were forced to break the seal on the mountain that locked away the Sea of Black Tears.

When the demons broke the seal on the Sea of Black Tears, the human army then drank from it, and only Riggnarok proved capable resisting the the sea's dark allure. Although these Tear Drinkers were given superhuman abilities, and were able to defeat the Tainted Coil even more soundly than before, it wasn't long before the grief of Aetulia overwhelmed them and drove the Drinkers insane, and they began fighting their fellow Humans along with their Demon overlords. Because the Black Tear Rebellion were now just as great a threat to Humanity as the Demons, Riggnarok reluctantly joined forces with the jungle-dwelling Zaulia and waged war against his former allies. The Rebellion was finally crushed at an area known as Doom's Mire.

Ophelia's parents fought in the Rebellion, a stigma that was so great it followed her through her life, causing small-minded individuals such as Lita Halford to constantly distrust her. This distrust, combined with Eddie Riggs' rejection, caused her to bitterly embrace this negative belief of the others, and lead her to drink from the Sea of Black Tears herself, creating Drowned Ophelia and leading to the formation of the Drowning Doom, named after the battlefield where her parents lost their lives.
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