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Bladehenge, the home of all giant swords.
Vital statistics
Type Landmark
Continent Western Continent
Inhabitants Lars Halford, Lita Halford, Ironheade
Location map
Bladehenge Map
“For the honor of Bladehenge, for the freedom of its people, and for the glory of its METAL!"” — Lars Halford

Bladehenge is a location and landmark on the Western Continent of the Brütal Land.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Bladehenge is the centre of the human resistance movement. Lars Halford, his sister Lita, and Ophelia reside here, living in the shadow of General Lionwhyte. With the arrival of Eddie Riggs in The Age of Metal, this becomes the base of operations for Ironheade. After freeing the Headbangers and Razor Girls and recruiting the Thunderhogs, Lionwhyte commences to attack the human settlement. In the mission "Battle for Bladehenge", Ironheade successfully fends off the Hair Metal Militia, marking a turning point in the revolution against Doviculus.

This place is largely abandoned after the "Tour of Destruction", during which Mangus takes the army on the road to fight for freedom. After Lars is slain, Ironheade settles into Death's Clutch for three months, leaving Bladehenge to be overrun with demons. Eddie and Lita return here during "Deliver the Metal" to find the resources neccesary to construct a bridge into the Jungle. They find their once home now literally bound by the Tainted Coil covered over in various things. Until the campaign is completed, the area will be overrun with Tainted Coil units, with a heavy concentration of Hate Cages and Pain Lifters around the settlement itself. Ironheade throws a party here honouring Lars after the mission "Abomination Overdrive".


Bladehenge is more or less a giant hole in the ground with a giant stone sword at its center. Along the rim are tents and outhouses where the warriors of Ironheade live. Wild creatures like Ground Urchins, Raptor Elk, and Tollusks inhabit the surrounding area. There is a stone iron cross on an adjacent hill, where Ophelia can be found after the campaign is completed.



  • The iconic blade of Bladehenge is seen in the Rock Crusher's double team attack, in which a Stonhenge-esque circle of rocks rises from the ground. The sword impales all those within, dealing heavy damage.
  • The name Bladehenge is a play on Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument in England.
  • Bladehenge is based on a real world monument, Sverd i fjell.
  • If you look through the landmark viewer after beating the game, you see Mangus standing atop Bladehenge similar to the first encounter with Lars.
  • The large sword in the center, sans the handle and pommel, bares a similarity to the logo of Florida-based band Trivium.


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