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Bleeding Death
Massive melee infantry
Bleeding Death
Hit Points 120
Attack Damage 12dmg
Counter Unit To Everything
Fan Cost 450
Load 5 (1 unit, 5 load per unit, 1 unit limit)
Special Traits Summoned via Launch of Death solo, loses health constantly, ignores all unit commands
“Send me a nightmare!” — Doviculus

The Bleeding Death is a Tainted Coil melee infantry unit and the faction's most powerful unit.


“Prior to battle, the loathsome Bleeding Death is stuffed violently into its ballistic Iron Maiden Cannon. When the maiden is fired and the Bleeding Death is finally unleashed upon the battlefield, it brings with it complete destruction. Mortally perforated by its prison, the creature slowly bleeds to death, even while bringing destruction to its foes.” — Tour Book

These behemoths are first encountered during the mission "It's Raining Death", after Ironheade defeats the Hair Metal Militia. Emperor Doviculus orders a barrage of Bleeding Death down upon Lionwhyte's Pleasure Dome, totally destroying it and causing massive casualties. During the final battle with Doviculous they sometimes reach through the windows flailing their arms trying to catch Eddie.


Massive melee infantry, counters virtually any unit.

These huge monsters attack with sweeping strikes from their clawed hands, causing great damage to anything they hit and killing most basic units with a single attack. In spite of the fact that they lose health steadily, they start with a massive reservoir of hit points that most enemy units will only scratch before being destroyed.

The iron maiden that the Bleeding Death is deployed from also causes great damage to anything near it when it lands. The player must move after completing the solo to avoid being killed by its impact.

In multiplayer mode, only one Bleeding Death can be deployed at a time, via Doviculus' Launch of Death Guitar Solo.

Double Team[]

None. The crazed Bleeding Death refuses to follow orders, much less let Doviculus ride it.


Set the prisoner free.
— Doviculus after summoning a Bleeding Death
"Release the Bleeding Death!"
— Doviculus after summoning a Bleeding Death
Launch the suffering!
— Doviculus after summoning a Bleeding Death
My child, come out and play.
— Doviculus after summoning a Bleeding Death


  • The S&M gear that The Bleeding Death dons, greatly resembles the gear that traps the Bound Serpents
  • The Bleeding Death are the Tainted Coil's Super Unit