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Large anti-vehicle melee infantry
Bouncer Guard
Hit Points 32
Attack Damage 3.5dmg
Double Team Fist Drop (6dmg AOE)
Counter Unit To Vehicles
Fan Cost 100
Load 2 (1 unit, 2 load each, 20 unit limit)
“Okay, but I can't be holdin' their hands the whole time...heh, heh, get it? 'Cause their hands are too big. ” — Eddie Riggs

The Bouncer is an Ironheade melee infantry unit that specializes in destroying vehicles.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Bouncers are first encountered during the mission, "Exploited in the Bowels of Hell" in the Crushing Pit. They originally belong to the Hair Metal Militia, but eventually Lionwhyte fires them due to their failure to defend Battersmith during "Fists Shall Fall". Although some return to the Militia when the General apologizes and gives them slimming outfits (these Bouncers become the Glitter Fists), most of them decide to remain with their new Ironheade allies.

The Bouncer Pit Boss "Mittens" and mortar operator Kage the Kannonier are the only two named Bouncers.


“A proud warrior class, the Bouncers make up in strength and determination what they lack in intelligence, patience, and basic social skills. Some say their cast iron battle fists hide impossibly delicate, carefully manicured hands.” — Tour Book

Large melee infantry, vehicle-killer. Bouncers use their massive iron fists to batter enemies in melee range. Their attacks have a long wind-up time, so they are most effective against slow-moving or stationary vehicles.

Double Team[]

“Eddie picks up the Bouncer and and lets him drop for meteoric impact. Those caught in the shockwave are well and truly bounced. ” — Instruction Manual

Eddie picks up the Bouncer and drops him, doing area damage and knocking back small infantry.

The shockwave produced is similar to an Earthshaker attack. However, the Bouncer must turn around to face Eddie, which can be interrupted by the attacks of melee units, so the player should clear the area around the Bouncer before initiating the move.


Girls are pretty.
— Bouncer when idle
So what are you guys doing after?
— Bouncer when idle
How am I doing so far? Be honest.
— Bouncer when idle
YAY! You're good at the guitar, Mr. Riggs.
— Bouncer after Eddie plays the Battle Cry solo
Hey, That's my friend. You can't do that to my friend..
— Bouncer after enemy attack


  • The Bouncer units are voiced by David Sobolov, Rick D. Wasserman, Daryl Kurylo and Joey Camen.
  • In real life, a "bouncer" is what is referred to as a member of security to various establishments, including night-clubs, bars, strip-joints and (of course) music concerts.
  • Kyle Gass, also known as Kage, who is Jack Black's partner in the band Tenacious D, plays a Bouncer without a mask on, assigned to mortar cannon duty. His effigy refers to this character as "Kage the Kannonier".
  • The Bouncer's masks resemble medieval Executioner's hoods.