Brutal Legend Wiki
The first option presented to the player after pressing the "Start" button.
“Explore this brutal land according to your own free will, or follow signs the Rock Gods give you to fulfill your destiny!” — Instruction Manual

The Brütal Campaign is the single player storyline in Brütal Legend, consisting of twenty-two story missions.


“Talk to strangers and solve their problems with your steel. Completing missions pleases the Rock Gods and nets you Fire Tributes on upgrades.” — Instruction Manual

In single player mode, Brütal Legend offers a linear mission-based storyline along with a variety of optional Secondary Missions that can be performed between story missions and/or after completion of the game.

Apart from the first two missions, each story mission is started by interacting with a mission provider. When a mission is completed successfully, a single subsequent mission becomes available immediately. When a mission is failed, the player has the option to repeat the mission.

Brütal Legend maintains a single save file, but within the file a checkpoint is saved for each completed story mission. The player can load any of these checkpoint saves by choosing the "Chapters" option from the main menu or by choosing "Load Save" from the Start menu within the game.


The difficulty select screen.

When starting a new game, the player can choose to play at Gentle, Normal, or Brütal difficulty levels. During the first story mission, the player is also presented with the option to exclude gore or to exclude swearing, if desired.

Story Missions[]

  1. Welcome to the Age of Metal
  2. To Bladehenge!
  3. Exploited in the Bowels of Hell
  4. Kill Master's Mercy
  5. Lair of the Metal Queen
  6. To the Slaughter
  7. Battle for Bladehenge
  8. Tour of Destruction
  9. Fists Shall Fall
  10. Pilgrimage of Screams
  11. March to Impalement
  12. Sanctuary of Sin
  13. It's Raining Death
  14. Doom's Dawn
  15. The Unhealing Wound
  16. Deliver the Metal
  17. A Number Of The Beasts
  18. Regret's Infinite Mire
  19. Dry Ice, Wet Graves
  20. Racing the Reaper
  21. Sea of Black Tears
  22. Abomination Overdrive


Once Abomination Overdrive is completed, the map shows a marker for "Brütal Campaign Complete". This marker is highlighted as the current mission whenever another objective has not been highlighted by the player. The marker does not trigger a mission, but rather just informs the player that the world is open for exploration.

The player can continue working on secondary missions and achievements/trophies after completion of the story. To load a specific point in the story, they player can select "Chapters" from the main menu.