Age of Metal
“Ok, I haven't mentioned it yet, but this place is nuts!” — Eddie Riggs

The Brütal Land is the setting of Brütal Legend. It is enslaved by the Tainted Coil, led by Doviculus.


The land itself is a fantasy world resembling album art seen on a myriad of heavy metal albums. The world is made of three large landmasses, with several distinct regions making up 64 kilometres total.

Major regions of the Brütal Land include:


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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In the beginning, the land was first inhabited by the First Ones, who lived in utter darkness. They liked living in the dark because they were so repulsive, they couldn't bear to so much as look at themselves. With the advent of Ormagöden however, the world was brightly lit.

The First Ones could see each other at last, and were very displeased. They devised a plot to kill the Fire Beast, by first capturing the lovely Aetulia. The leader of the First Ones trapped her and forced her to lure Ormagoden to the ground. When he arrived, the First Ones attempted to douse his flames with mud. Rather than being extinguished, the Fire Beast exploded, destroying the First Ones and flooding the world with his blood.

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