Brütal Legend Wiki is the definitive place for everything Brütal Legend, the action-adventure game created by Tim Schafer and Double Fine, the fine folks who brought you Psychonauts! In addition to in-depth guides and tons of information, BLWikians can join a close community of fans, write blogs, take part in forums, and chat live with other users. Whether you're an old fan of the game, or just curious about it, we invite you to be a part of the most metal wiki on Wikia! Keep calm and rock on!

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Brütal Legend Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia about Brütal Legend that anyone can edit.
It was created in June 2009 and currently has 424 articles.


  • 424 articles since June 2009
  • 2,739 images uploaded since June 2009
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Brütal Legend PC Announcement Trailer
Brütal Legend PC Announcement Trailer

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"I heard once that killing nuns is bad luck."
—Eddie Riggs


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DaPower DaPower 13 October 2020

Rocktober 13th! (Brütal Legend 11 Anniversary)

Live now!

Watch here: and sign up on the Discord here: for XBox fights thank to Game Pass!

Happy Rocktober everyone!

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DaPower DaPower 13 October 2019

Rocktober 13th! (Brütal Legend 10th Anniversary)

Starting now!

Watch it here:

Happy tenth anniversary, …

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DaPower DaPower 9 December 2015

Brutal Legend Sequel Could Happen if Psychonauts 2 Does Well

Well all this news about Psychonauts 2 is rather exciting isn't it? Makes you wonder if a particular Double Fine sequel could ever be made. Nah, I'm being crazy. But wait, what's this? At the bottom …

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