Brutal Legend Wiki
Support infantry
Hit Points 12 (18 upgraded)
Double Team Lightning Strike (2dmg, 2.6dmg upgraded)
Debuff Effects Slows movement and attack speed of all nearby enemies
Counter Unit To Any units that attack her directly (except Metal Beasts)
Fan Cost 50 (create), 200 (upgrade)
Load 2 (1 unit, 2 load each, 3 unit limit)
Special Traits Retaliates with lightning strike against attacking enemies, debuff effect stacks with multiple Brides
“Wait...was that my husband?” — Bride, upon killing an enemy

The Bride is a Drowning Doom support infantry unit that slows the movement and attack speed of enemy units.


“Brides walk the land cloaked in sorrow, searching for love - the only thing they ever wanted during their lives. Or maybe they're zombies who think they look good in wedding dresses. Either way, BE AFRAID.” — Tour Book

Brides are first seen accompanying Grave Diggers when they attack Ironheade during the mission "Doom's Dawn". They appear in most subsequent missions, and also haunt the areas surrounding the Dry Ice Mines and the Sea of Black Tears. They rarely travel alone, usually accompanying other Doom units who can protect them.


Support infantry, upgradeable. Localized storm slows enemy movement and attack rate. Effect stacks with multiple Brides.

The Bride does not directly attack, preferring to keep her distance from enemies while her slowing debuff hampers their efforts to fight other Doom forces in the area. However, if she is attacked, she will automatically retaliate with a lightning bolt, which deals damage and stuns basic units and animals. This affects both melee and ranged attacks from units close enough to be affected by her debuff. Ranged attacks from outside this radius will not be affected. Many burning effects are also exempt, making her vulnerable to fire-based units like Metal Beasts. If all nearby Doom units are destroyed, the Bride will sometimes retreat and seek out others on the battlefield to protect her, or flee if encountered out in the world. The player may only have three Brides on the field at any time.

Double Team[]

Drowned Ophelia dances with her Bride and summons forth lightning strikes upon enemy targets.

While Ophelia and the Bride are Doubled Teamed, attacking causes a lightning bolt to strike a targeted enemy in a similar fashion to the Bride's counterattack.


please don't drip on us Ophelia.
— Bride when Drowned Ophelia flies away
look out for my cloud Ophelia!
— Bride when Drowned Ophelia flies away
look at her up there!
— Bride when drowned Ophelia flies away
Watch the dress bitch
— Bride when Drowned Ophelia attacks her
This dress was my grandmother's!
— Bride if set on fire
Begin the procession!
— Bride when ordered to move to beacon
That one was no good.
— Bride after killing an enemy
Dance with me...
— Bride when idle
Ophelia, Would you like to dance?
— Bride when idle
Ophelia, Don't let him do that.
— Bride when ophelia is attacked
What a beautiful melody.
— Bride after ophelia plays solo
Ooo, That feels good.
— Bride when healing
— Bride when Double-teaming
Who's next?
— Bride after killing an enemy while Double-teaming
I will never marry you!
— Bride when attacked by an avatar
I need protection!
— Bride when attacked
— Bride when near death
Good we're done. You can come out from hiding now dear.
— Bride after winning stage battle
— Bride after winning stage battle
Can you clear this stage? I'd like to put my cake table there
— Bride when approaching enemy stage
Come on, people!
— Bride after gliding from the stage


  • The Brides are voiced by Taylor Dooley and Grey DeLisle. Due to programming errors, the alternative voice is never heard in the game.
  • The appearance and nature of the Brides is possibly a reference to the Tim Burton film "The Corpse Bride".
  • The storm cloud that accompanies a Bride is visible from some distance away, which can warn when a group of Drowning Doom are approaching.
  • Like the Grave Diggers, Brides can lose body parts (in this case, their head and arm that isn't holding the umbrella) and remain functional.
  • Players can use the Frightwig's double team to steal an enemy player's Brides, even if the player already has three of their own.
  • Enemy units and avatars will often make remarks about being slowed when they come within range of a Bride.
  • Interestingly enough, when an Organist takes control of a Bride, the Bride is able to attack with lightning shocks, which can be pulled off in rapid succession and even while knocked down.
  • A player can damage a Bride by using Pyro to launch them in the air, and hit the Bride with successive Shocker strikes, and the Bride will not retaliate with lightning after the initial pyro attack.
  • Other names for The Bride's umbrella inculde "Brolly" (UK Slang), "Parapluie" (Nineteenth century, French origin), Rainshade, Gamp (British, informal, dated)' or Bumbershoot (American slang).