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Eddie calls forth a burning Zeppelin.
“Oh no... looks like the Metal Gods are still using hydrogen!” — Eddie Riggs

Bring it on Home is an Ironheade guitar solo in Brütal Legend.


“Summon a burning zeppelin of lead and crash it on all who oppose you! Always a crowd-pleaser.” — Instruction Manual

A few seconds after it is played, a flaming zeppelin will fall from the sky and crash where Eddie performed the solo, dealing massive continual damage to all enemies in the surrounding area.

In multiplayer, this solo can only be accessed after the Megastage is fully upgraded.


  • The crashing zeppelin summoned by the solo is a direct reference to the band Led Zeppelin and their debut album cover.
  • The solo is a direct reference to the Led Zeppelin song of the same name (which was, however, recorded for their second album, not the first with the crashing zeppelin cover).
  • This solo is Ironheade's "Nuke".
  • The burning zeppelin is a reference to the Hindenburg disaster of 1937.