Brutal Legend Wiki
Small anti-vehicle ranged vehicle
Hit Points 19
Attack Damage 2.5dmg
Double Team Mamakaze (increases movement speed, 9dmg suicide AOE)
Counter Unit To Vehicles
Fan Cost 80
Load 2 (1 unit, 2 load each)
“Who wants ice cream after?” — Drowned Ophelia

The Brood is a Drowning Doom ranged vehicle that specializes in destroying vehicles.


“The Brood is a haunting baby carriage that seems to carry an infinite number of ferocious dolls, who are capable of tearing a vehicle to shreds in a matter of seconds.” — Tour Book

The Brood make their first appearance during the mission "Regret's Infinite Mire", in which they attempt to prevent Ironheade's Tour Bus from reaching the Dry Ice Mines. They appear frequently thereafter, often accompanying Brides along the main road leading from the Dry Ice Mines to the Sea of Black Tears.


Small ranged vehicle, anti-vehicle specialist. It launches evil dolls that can shred apart vehicles. They are cheap and quick to make, making them important for tearing apart enemy vehicles in groups. In large numbers and paired with Brides, they are also good as defensive units.

Though they are not especially durable for a vehicle, they can travel across maps very quickly.

Double Team[]

Drowned Ophelia leaps into the Brood's void and is able to drive it like a vehicle. When the attack is initiated, the Brood will charge forward and explode, raining cuddly flaming death upon everything in the vicinity.

When the player activates this, the Brood will sprout exhaust pipes and move quicker than usual. When the attack is triggered, the Brood is launched forward and will self-destruct upon impact, launching multiple evil dolls everywhere that will automatically latch on to enemies.


Good news is you're all about to die.
— Drowned Ophelia when double-teaming
No one here but us babies.
— Drowned Ophelia when double-teaming


  • Brood's ONLY dialogue consists of baby sounds (cooing, laughter, etc.).
  • The Brood is the smallest unit (by physical size) in the game.
  • As mentioned in the "Role" section of this page, The Brood is one of the fastest units in the game.



Double teaming with a Brood in a Stage Battle is required to unlock the following achievement/trophy:

Bronze PS3 Bronze
Hit 6 enemies with the explosion from a Brood's Double Team.