Have any questions, confessions, objections, or interjections? Contact the Demonic Hierarchy of Supreme Overlord Administrators!

If you have any ideas, complaints, or criticisms, just leave a message with one of the guys or gals listed below. Don't be afraid. Most of them don't bite.

What Are Admins?

Whilst any user on the Brütal Legend Wiki can edit articles, upload images and more, certain users also have access to additional functions to keep this wiki running smoothly. These users are called "administrators" or "staff."

User rights promotions reflect quality and consistency over quantity. Direct any inquiries to an admin's message wall.

List of Administrators

List of all users with Administrative access: Special:Listusers/sysop

*** indicates this user is a bureaucrat
** indicates this user is an administrator
* indicates this user is a chat moderator or rollback editor

The Milkman ***
Message Wall
Succoria-h Ophelia-h ***
Message Wall
Rikusorakairiown **
Message Wall
Guardian-h HeadbangerFish-h Mangus-h
DaPower **
Message Wall
Theseustwelve *
Message Wall
2ks4 **
Message Wall


Wikia Staff & Helpers

Becoming an administrator

Any user can nominate themselves to become an admin. See Brütal Legend Wiki:Requests For Adminship for more information. Anyone can comment on the nomination, but the final decision is made by a Bureaucrat.