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“I'm more than fine! I'm double fine!” — The Milkman

According to Legend, an elite group of warriors inhabit the Brütal Legend Wiki. A veritable smorgasbord of Brütality, these users frequently deal death and dishonor to their foes in battle.

About the WarlordsEdit

While each combatant tends to favor differing factions, the end result for the opposing force in every conflict is usually the same: epic annihilation and moral discourse. When these Titans choose to face one another in combat, the ensuing skirmish tends to be long and arduous. Only one Victör can arise from the fiery pits of the battlefield... as such, the desire to conquer one another is second only to the insurmountable ache to paint one's weapons with their oppressor's blood.

Joining Forces Edit

Uncle Eddie

Surprisingly, etching one's name in the Tome of Metal Glory is quite easy to accomplish. However, you must have a Wikia account in order to do this.

If you'd like to join in on the slaughtering goodness, please add your name under the "Metal Gods" section below. All users that wish to join must not be known vandals on the Brütal Legend Wiki. Wikia vandalising is grounds for direct removal from the list.

If you want to join, please place your name UNDER the other members in this format:


Be sure to place your name under the correct console; otherwise, we can't slaughter each other, dude!

Metal GodsEdit

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