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“I am The Lord of the Beasts!” — Eddie Riggs

Call of the Wild is an Ironheade Solo in Brütal Legend that summons creatures to fight.


The tour book page for the Call of the Wild solo

Beasts summoned in this manner are loyal by default, and can be double teamed with without stunning them first. In addition, they will never attack friendly units. In the singleplayer campaign, the solo is unlocked by completing the first Overslaughter hunting mission for the Hunter; from then on, the beasts summoned by Call of the Wild are the creatures killed in the most recent level of Overslaughter that Eddie has completed. In multiplayer, the creature summoned depends upon the current level of Ironheade's technology.

Summoned Animals[]

Multiplayer Mechanics[]

  • In Multiplayer Mode, The player can summon one of four types of beasts to fight for him: Ground Urchins, Raptor Elk, Tollusks, and Hextadons. The beast summoned is determined by what level The Megastage is when the Solo is played. Every Megastage Level has the potential to make The Player summon one of two types of beasts. The possibilities are as follows:

Stage Level 2: Ground Urchins (×4) or Raptor Elk (×4)

Stage Level 3: Raptor Elk (×4) or Tollusks (×2)

Stage Level 4: Tollusks (×2) or Hextadon (×1)

  • The outcome will always be randomized. So it is possible for any of these creatures to appear in any match where The Ironheade Faction is present. It should be noted that when progressing through stage upgrades, the lower levels will always effect the immediate next beast summoned at the higher levels. (if playing the "Call of the Wild" Solo at Stage Level 2 results in Ground Urchins being summoned, it means the game is currently set to summon Raptor Elk at Stage Level 3).
  • Every time the summoning period for the solo ends, there is a chance that the conditions will be reset and it can become possible to summon the other beast (after summoning Tollusks at Stage Level 3, when the summoning period runs out, there is a chance playing the Solo again will result in Raptor Elk being summoned). This effect will always over into the subsequent Stage Level (Successfully summoning a Tollusk at Stage Level 3 after Raptor Elk despawn will change the creature summoned at Stage Level 4 to a Hextadon). Intentionally letting the currently summoned creature(s) perish will not affect which creature is currently designated to each Stage Level. Similarly, refusing to play the Solo prior to reaching the Stage Level needed to summon the desired creature will not change the outcome.


  • When the game was first released, The Solo would spawn Ground Urchins at Stage Level 2 and the creatures would spawn instantly where Eddie was standing. When the Hammer of Infinite Fate add-on was released, this was changed. They now leap off the stage like other units.
  • Call of the Wild is a book by Jack London, which Eddie sometimes refers to as his favorite book when playing the solo.