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Circle of Tears
Circle of Tears
Map Type DLC (Tears of the Hextadon)
Fan Geysers 6
Starting Merch Booths 2

Circle of Tears is a multiplayer map in the Brütal Legend add-on Tears of the Hextadon.


Black Tear water trickles from this clandestine mountain range. The long abandoned cathedrals that once served as a retreat for Tear Drinkers flank the gushing tear flow that pours into the sea. The vile waters have carved a rough-hewn circular battlefield into this forsaken land. Those wishing to claim victory here do so at the cost of their souls.


The map contains six Fan Geysers, two of which are neutral. Each Faction's Megastage starts with two Merch Booths. The battlefield is circular in shape, and flanked with an ocean of black tears. In the middle of the map is a pool of black tears, with a giant statue at its centre. All units and avatars that fall in will die.

Set Pieces from The Brütal Land.[]



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