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Cleave of the Impaler
Eddie Riggs standing at the entrance of the Cleave.
Vital statistics
Type Location
Continent Western Continent
Region Battersmith
Inhabitants Hair Metal Militia
Location map
Cleave of the Impaler Map


“Hey, sorry! It's my first time in the Cleave, OK?” — Eddie Riggs

The Cleave of the Impaler is a location on the Western Continent of the Brütal Land that leads to General Lionwhyte's Pleasure Tower. It is fully explored in the mission "March to Impalement".


The Cleave is a deep canyon beyond Battersmith. During the single player campaign, the player can destroy the Impaler Towers that stand vigil within, allowing safe passage into the Eastern Continent for the rest of the game.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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After the walls of Battersmith, the Cleave is the last line of defense for the Hair Metal Militia. Lionwhyte has installed remote controlled impaler towers that eviscerate any that enter. With the help of the Roadies, Eddie Riggs stealthily destroys the Cleave's defenses. Mangus drives the Tour Bus through here during the mission "Deliver the Metal".


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