This is a list of ambient creatures that inhabit the Brütal Land.


  • Hextadon: A giant mammoth-like creature found in Death's Clutch.
  • Raptor Elk: A small deer creature that roams on the plains of Bladehenge.
  • Ground Urchin: A porcupine also found in Bladehenge. Too small to be ridden, but it can be thrown as a weapon.
  • Tollusk: A spiky dog-likecreature with a mouth like a bear trap. Found roaming around Bladehenge and Ironheade Mountain.
  • Razorfire Boar: Half motorcycle, half boar, they only live on the Razor Plains. Their innards are used to make weapons for the Razor Girls, who took their name from the animals.
  • Lazer Panther: A normal-looking black panther with powerful laser vision. Found in the Jungle.
  • Metal Beast: A fire-breathing creature that looks like a cross between a cat and an ape, found in the Jungle Region. Later joins Ironheade along with their Zaulia mistresses.
  • Reaper Steed: A ghostly horse, found mainly in the Dry Ice Mines and Black Tear Region. Ridden by the Drowning Doom's Reaper unit.
  • Guillotar: A strange cross between a guillotine, a pendulum, and a sloth creature. Roams around the Dry Ice Mines and Black Tear Region.
  • Sickle Wraith: A flying creature with scythes for arms, and is the only creature that can not be ridden. Found in the Black Tear region.
  • Seagulls: They may seem normal, but they are actually microphones with wings. Found on the Western Continent and the Screaming Wall.
  • Spark Plugs: Little silver bugs that hang out around sweet jumps, who give Fire Tributes when they are jumped into.
  • Metal Spiders: These spiders made out of pure chrome, coming in various sizes, are taken care of by the Kill Master, where they weave extremely strong bass guitar strings. Found on the Thunderhorn, as well as in and around the Spider Lair.
  • Fan Leech: These flying maggots swoop down from the sky to suckle on a Fan Geyser, and can only be removed by units.
  • Rats: in many areas of the Black Tear Region rats can be found, going too close to their source will cause the player to take damage.
  • Birds: throughout the western continent birds can occasionally be seen flying which are notably different from the Seagulls seen in the mission Pilgrimage of Screams