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Crucible of the Titans
Crucible of the Titans Map
Map Type DLC (Hammer of Infinite Fate)
Fan Geysers 6
Starting Merch Booths 1

Crucible of the Titans is a multiplayer map in the Brütal Legend add-on, Hammer of Infinite Fate.


Working tirelessly for centuries, the last of the Titans continue to forge the Brütal Land from this blazing battlefield. Their ancient hammers pound endlessly upon the chrome anvils of time found here. Those foolish enough to be caught under the hammer fall of these giants will have their souls smashed from their bodies.


A bird's eye view of the Crucible.

The stages are situated on islands of land, with another island near each stage containing two Fan Geysers each and a central island. All of these are connected up via steel walkways in a square figure-of-eight shape.

Standing in the 'eyes' of the figure-eight are two of the ancient Titans, who will periodically strike one of the four walkways surrounding each of them with their hammers. Any units or avatars on that walkway when the hammer comes down will take damage relative to their distance from the hammer, any under or next to the hammer will be instantly destroyed.



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