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Crushing Pit
Crushing Pit Lava
An inside view of the Crushing Pit's Gyre
Vital statistics
Type Landmark
Continent Western Continent
Region Bladehenge
Inhabitants ironheade, Hair Metal Militia
Location map
Crushing Pit Map
“So this is it. The Crushing Pit.” — Eddie Riggs

The Crushing Pit is a location on the Western Continent where the Headbangers are made to work to uncover the parts that Doviculus desires.


It is where the strongest men are sent, given no tools, and forced to break down solid rock with nothing but their thick skulls. There isn't a gate, as they don't know how to function outside the pit. The Bouncers and Hairbangers are the more loyal followers of General Lionwhyte, a human that aids the Tainted Coil in the oppression of humanity.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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The Crushing Pit is Eddie's first destination in his efforts to liberate humanity. Using the Battle Cry guitar solo, he recruits the Headbangers, but is met with opposition from the Lionwhyte loyalists. Eddie and his entourage make their way to the gyre at the centre of the mines, where a large number of men are toiling. Once the Hairbangers here are defeated, he confronts the pit boss, Mittens. Before falling to his death, Mittens orders all guards to destroy the gyre, saying he would rather see the slaves dead than free. To combat the large number of reinforcements, Eddie Riggs sounds the Battle Cry near Mittens' headset, amplifying the sound and rallying the rest of the Headbangers to the cause. After this first battle is won, the revolution begins proper. In honour of their valor, Eddie names the new faction Ironheade, at the end of which he adds an "E", to let people know that they aren't messing around.


  • The only part of the crushing pit that remains accessible after "Exploited in the Bowels of Hell" is the entrance area in which the player learns unit commands.


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