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Death's Clutch
Death's Clutch
Bob the Flower
Vital statistics
Type location
Continent Western Continent
Inhabitants Ironheade
Location map
Death's Clutch Map

Death's Clutch is a location in the Brütal Land, north of General Lionwhyte's Pleasure Tower.


Death's Clutch is an icy wasteland far to the north, and is home to the Hextadon. Tollusks and Raptor Elk reside here as well. It lies between the Pleasure Tower and the bridge to the Jungle. An Ironheade encampment can be found here in the later parts of the Brütal Campaign.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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The Doom march upon Ironheade's encampment.
After the the defeat of Lionwhyte by Ironheade, Doviculus' forces Ironheade to retreat there, destroying the General's palace in the process. After three months of recuperation, Ironheade is faced with a new threat, the first attack from the Drowning Doom. Death's Clutch has two hills which are used to make a camp with the stage in between, which proves to be a hard battle ground to defend and Ironheade are about to be defeated when they are saved by The Baron.


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