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Death's Fjord
Death's Fjord
Map Type Tears of the Hextadon
Fan Geysers 7
Starting Merch Booths 2

Death's Fjord is a multiplayer map in the Brütal Legend add-on, Tears of the Hextadon.


The frozen wind of this mountain pass gnaws at the warm innards of those rugged enough to do battle here. Giant beasts are entombed in the glacial flow that spills onto the exposed epicenter of this icy land. A dense cluster of fans lie waiting to be harvested here by those foolhardy leaders willing to capture them without cover from enemy attack.


This map contains 7 Fan Geysers, 5 of which are neutral. Each faction's Megastage starts with 1 Merch Booth. The map is in the form of a circle, with two paths to each stage on either side. At the center is a cluster of 3 geysers, accessible only on one side. The centre of the map only has one way in, leaving units vulnerable to attack. Surrounding the cluster is a narrow gap that kills all units and avatars that fall down.



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