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Delivering the Goods
Delivering the Goods
Location The Sacred Beer Tree
Given By Keeper of the Sacred Beer Tree
Rewards 25 Fire Tributes
“No, I mean the sun. It gets all warm. I have to stop under a tree and drink some beer, you know. It just goes so fast! ” — Keeper of the Sacred Beer Tree

"Delivering the Goods" is a side mission in Brütal Legend.


Save the Party

This mission is given by the Keeper of the Sacred Beer Tree, at the Sacred Beer Tree, west of Bladehenge. The mission objective is to get the beer to the beach before it gets warm. If the player does not drive carefully enough, the kegs will explode. Keeping to the main road and avoiding any jumps along the way to the party will ensure the safety of the beer. Turbo boost should be used sparingly, and only on a straight. The kegs will repair themselves if not jostled in the same manner in which Eddie regererates health.

Brütal Defeat[]

The mission will fail if:

  • The player dies.
  • The timer runs out.
  • The kegs explode.


  • The name of this mission is a reference to the song "Delivering the Goods" by Judas Priest, from the album Killing Machine (also known as Hell Bent for Leather)