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“You call yourselves demons?” — Doviculus

Demons are a race born from the sea of Ormagöden's blood. They rule over the world when Eddie Riggs arrives to the Age of Metal.


They retained the twisted form of the First Ones, as well as the angry power of the Fire Beast. Whilst most Demons are part of the Tainted Coil, Fletus is an exception. Throughout the Brütal Land, they were feared, hated, and nearly exterminated. Instead, they were saved by a majestic race of Titans, who kept them as pets and gave them restrictive bondage apparel to hide their deformity.

When their masters ascended to the heavens to become Metal Gods, they were too overwhelmed with feelings of abandonment and betrayal to understand their instructions. They scoured the ends of the world in search of their masters, but the only trace of the Titans they ever found was a single shred of a toenail. They performed dark and bloody rituals on this toenail, in the hopes of reanimating it. Instead however, they created creatures similar to the Titans but much smaller in size: the race of Man. Their very size mocked the demon's failure, and the newly-created race was subsequently enslaved by the Coil.

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Unable to comprehend the secrets of the Titans, the demons sent Emperor Succoria forward in time to the Age of Modern Man with a small group of slaves and a small token of the Fire Beast to uncover the lost secrets from future generations. Amongst this band of slaves was the human rebel Riggnarok, who planned to assassinate the Grand Demon Witch.