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Deuce Motor Force Little Beast
“Is it a mine cart?” — Ophelia

The Deuce or "Druid Plow" is Eddie's hot rod, summoned via the Summon Deuce guitar solo. It is constructed by Eddie Riggs using the parts found in the Temple of Ormagöden during "Welcome to the Age of Metal".


Deuce was made from Ormagöden's steel flesh, which allows Eddie to go into the Motor Forges and purchase Deuce upgrades with Fire Tributes. Upon first entering the Motor Forge, the Guardian of Metal bequeaths to Eddie Riggs the Mouth of Metal, a magical device which permits the driver to experience the glory of metal. With this, the player can listen to songs from the Brütal Legend soundtrack.


The Deuce[]

A temple on wheels. This gift from the Titans can only be assembled by the worthy.


Sacrifice some control for an explosive burst of speed.


Pull it to flip a 180 while driving full speed.

Into the Light[]

Follow your turn signals toward the light of the Metal Gods. It always shines on your current mission.

Drop A Deuce[]

This almighty riff summons the Deuce.

Motor Forge Upgrades[]

Primary Weapons[]

Secondary Weapons[]


  • Mouth of Metal - Voice of the Metal Gods. Listen to the thunderous sounds of the Titans while you explore the landscape.
  • Nitro Boost upgrades - Bigger boosts, less time in-between!
  • Armor-More protection and increased ramming damage.
  • Performance Upgrades - Faster maximum speed!
  • Coiling Maw - Salvaged from the Chariot of Doviculus, the Maw deals extreme ramming damage. (Hammer of Infinite Fate DLC)

Paint Jobs[]

Main article: Paint Jobs

The player can customise the appearance of the Deuce by purchasing new paint jobs from the Motor Forge. These are merely aesthetic and in no way enhance the Druid Plow's abilities. With the Hammer of Infinite Fate add-on, four additional paint jobs are made available.


The red Deuce, as seen in the PC multiplayer beta.

The Deuce is available to Ironheade players in multiplayer stage battles and is called via the same guitar solo. In multiplayer, the Deuce is less useful than in single player since it does not contain any primary or secondary weapons or other improvements. In addition the player's flying ability makes the speed of the Deuce irrelevant. It can still be used, however, to shield the player from damage, run down enemies, or escape if affected by the Anvil of Burden.

When playing as other factions in multiplayer, different vehicles are available to the player: the Hearse for Drowning Doom and the Chariot for the Tainted Coil.


  • The Deuce will right itself if it is flipped.
  • It's appearance is likely based on a highly modified 1932 Ford Highboy, a popular base for hot rod conversions all the way until the 1970s.