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Devil Thorns are plants that grow around ancient relics left by the Titans, telling the player where to play the Relic Raiser solo.

These plants grow in front of Motor Forges, Buried Metal, and other ancient constructions found scattered around the landscape.

The distinctive bright red coloring makes it easy to pick out the Devil Thorns when exploring the world. When approached, Eddie will comment regarding the flowers use. A UI prompt will also appear encouraging the player to raise the relic present. 

The Devil horns are primarily used for gathering collectables in-between missions during gameplay, and only act as a way to advance the plot once.  


  • Devil Thorns is a play on the word devil horns, a gesture used in heavy metal and rock concerts. 
  • Upon closer inspection, one can see that Devil Thorn flower is made up of a cluster of four devil horns grouped together.