Brutal Legend Wiki
Aerial anti-building support vehicle
Hit Points 96
Double Team Bombardment/Healing (-30% HP DOT/healing)
Support Effects Heals all friendly units within the radius of a thrown urn during double team
Debuff Effects Increases all damage taken by nearby enemies, buildings most of all
Fan Cost 200
Load 4 (1 unit, 4 load each, 1 unit limit)
“Riiiiide with meeeeee.....” — The Pilot

The Dirgible is a Drowning Doom support vehicle that increases the damage taken by enemy units and buildings.


“The Dirgible is an enigma. Who's in there? What does he want? What sort of life did he lead, that his decaying corpse would be capable of wreaking such havoc on the living? These are all excellent questions.” — Tour Book

The Dirgible is first seen during the mission "Racing the Reaper", commandeered by Drowned Ophelia to attack Ironheade's Tour Bus with funeral urns. It is seen once more during the mission "Sea of Black Tears", guarding the bridge across the Sea.


Support vehicle. Noxious ash weakens enemies and causes them to take more damage from attacks. Particularly effective against buildings.

Although the player can only field a single Dirgible, it is the Doom's most durable unit and is only surpassed in this regard by a full-strength Bleeding Death. It is also the only airborne unit possessed by any faction, which prevents melee and some short-range units from being able to attack it at all. This is offset somewhat by its slow movement.

those effected have a black film on them and for avatars, the screen becomes dark, within the area of effect.

Double Team[]

Drowned Ophelia drops an urn of black tears.

Drivable vehicle. Drowned Ophelia hurls funeral urns onto the battlefield. The explosion does damage over time to enemies and slowly heals friendly infantry.

The player moves the Dirgible as they would when flying. The crosshair underneath the Dirgible indicates where urns will be thrown, so the player must steer it directly over targets to attack (or heal) them.


  • Although the Double Team description states that only friendly infantry will be healed by thrown urns, any friendly vehicles will also be healed (the same effect is shared with the Black Tear Infusion solo). The Dirgible itself can also be healed by the ash cloud if it is flying low enough.
  • The gold healing effect will remain on units being healed by a Dirgible urn, even when they have full health.
  • The name of the unit is a portmanteau of the words "Dirge" (an artistic expression of mourning) and "Dirigible" (a blimp). This pun references the fact that the vehicle is a hot air balloon, along with the recurring theme of sorrow with The Drowning Doom.
  • The Dirgible usually only speaks using one-word sentences, and speaks in a listless manner.
  • From the time the hatch on the Megastage opens, to touchdown, it takes about fifteen to twenty seconds before the unit is ready to accept orders (not factoring in build time).