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Doom's Mire
Doom's Mire
Map Type Original
Fan Geysers 6
Starting Merch Booths 1

Doom's Mire is a multiplayer map in Brütal Legend.


This wetland marks the site of the tragic end of the Black Tear Rebellion. After the brutal massacre, the bodies were left to rot with no ceremony or burial. Those returning to this area years later were surprised to find that the once barren land was overgrown by the brittle fingers of a dead forest. It is rumored that the defeated souls of those who sacrificed their lives inhabit this forest, bearing witness and passing judgement on all who battle here.


This map contains six Fan Geysers, four of which are neutral. Each faction's Megastage starts with one Merch Booth.

There are two paths to each stage. The most direct route is the bridge that connects both sides of the map. The alternate, longer route travels around and under the bridge, passing all four geysers.

The battlefield is surrounded by a thick layer of dead trees with a shallow stream running down the middle.

Set Pieces from the Brütal Land[]


  • The general path of the map resembles the Symbol of Infinity.


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