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“How can a weapon this heavy be so ineffective?” — Doviculus, when affected by the Organist debuff

The Double Staff Axe is Doviculus' melee weapon in Brütal Legend.


The Double Staff Axe is a large glaive-like weapon with four points at each end. It is wielded in the middle with one hand. The moveset for the Staff Axe is identical to The Separator, albeit Doviculus' attacks are executed with more grace. The origins of this axe are unknown, and Doviculus is almost never seen without it, with the only exceptions being the final cutscene of "Welcome to the Age of Metal", and the first cutscene in the mission "Abomination Overdrive". The Staff Axe has the most range of any melee weapon, giving Doviculus a distinct advantage in avatar combat.


  • Worth noting is the fact that, of all the avatar weapons, the Double Staff Axe is the only one to remain in-hand at all times, as Eddie's Separator is held on his back and Drowned Ophelia summons her weapon.
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