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The Drowning Doom symbol.
“Well, you know, after you tore out my heart and left me for dead, I admit I was a little down. But then I pulled myself together, started making new friends....” — Drowned Ophelia

The Drowning Doom is the faction led by Drowned Ophelia that consists of humans who drank from the Sea of Black Tears. Their style is based on Black Metal, Doom Metal, Melodic Death Metal, and the gothic subculture.


“The Drowning Doom may look sickly and weak, but the gloom emanating from their Bride, Organist, and Dirgible units drags their enemies to their level.” — The Narrator

This faction's chief advantage is its three debuffing units that slow enemies down, weaken their attack strength, and lower their defenses. The Doom can also, using the Organists and Frightwigs, possess other units, temporarily causing them to fight for their cause.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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“To set human against human. To let the uprising destroy itself...again.” — Eddie Riggs

The Doom is formed from those who drink from the Sea of Black Tears and united by Drowned Ophelia. Legend has it that those who drink from the Sea will be granted some of Aetulia's power, but will also go mad with all-consuming grief and lose the will to live.

Drowned Ophelia sends the Doom to attack Ironheade and hopefully kill Eddie at Death's Clutch, but they fail, they continue to clash with Ironheade multiple times as Ironheade advances on the tears, untill Ironheade has driven them to Sea of Black Tears wherein, despite utilising their strongest units, they are destroyed and their leader ultimately suffers having her heart ripped out by Doviculus.

The Sea appears to have different effects on the drinker, depending on how they interact with it. For example, Ratguts are those who drink too much water and Frightwigs are those who have washed their hair in the sea.


“Sick things worshipping the black metal of their dead gods, the Doom drinks from the Sea of Black Tears and sap their opponents' will to live with dark curses.” — Instruction Manual

Unique Solos[]


  • A Serpentine Crave - Bishop of Hexen
  • Ad Noctis - Rotting Christ
  • Angels Don't Kill - Children of Bodom
  • Betrayal - Lita Ford
  • Cathode Ray Sunshine - Dark Tranquility
  • Crack The Skye (Instrumental) - Mastodon
  • Frost - Enslaved
  • Her Ghost in the Fog - Cradle of Filth
  • Insomnia - Dark Fortress
  • Loke - Enslaved
  • Murmaider - Dethklok
  • No Love Lost - Carcass
  • Oblivion (Instrumental) - Mastodon
  • Progenies of the Great Apocalypse - Dimmu Borgir
  • So Frail - Mirrorthrone
  • Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery - Skeletonwitch
  • The Somber Grounds of Truth - Bishop of Hexen
  • Thus Spake the Nightspirit - Emperor
  • Witches - Candlemass
  • Birth of a Hero - Tvangeste
  • Sulphur Injection - Apostasy
  • Welcome Home - King Diamond


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Drowning Doom patrols will first start to appear after the mission "Doom's Dawn" is completed. With the exception of Death's Clutch, they are encountered exclusively on the Eastern Continent. They can consist of a group of Gravediggers; a Frightwig; a Frightwig and a Bride; a Bride and a brood; an Organist and Lightning Rod; A Reaper; or a Ratgut Bride and Brood.