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Druid Demon

Hooded Demons are pretty badass.

“The time has finally come to serve our master....” — Druid

The Druid is a Tainted Coil unit. They are encountered as enemies in Temple of Ormagöden during the game's first mission, "Welcome to the Age of Metal".


They are seen wearing blood red cloaks, the hoods of which cover half of their faces, with a pentagram hanging around their necks. They are known for tainting their daggers with demonic poison, which apparently has a history of infecting those who do not die from its effects and turning them into partially demonic forms. This explains their twisted fanged visages and their clawed hands, and also their limited grasp of


Druids are the first enemy the player fights, attacking the player during the first gameplay segment. They are described by Ophelia as Doviculus' personal guards. They feature prominently in the tutorial, with no less than four appearances. They are encountered in a group of four after Eddie falls from the top of an Overblesser, they perform a demonic chant which traps Eddie within a circular flame, and causes symbols to appear in red on the floor beneath him. This prison can only be escaped from via an Earthshaker, which kills all but one of the robed enemies. Later, a Druid is pinned to the temple gates by Ophelia's blade, and another four attack Eddie at the Feeding area gates.

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Ophelia posits that Eddie Riggs is suffering from this poison when he grows demonic wings in the mission "Fists Shall Fall". However, the reason for his strange power was in fact his demonic heritage.

They are fought again in the final boss fight with Doviculus, during the mission "Abomination Overdrive", alongside Battle Nuns.


They do not possess a Double Team attack, as they cannot be summoned in multiplayer. However, Druids operate the Heart Cutter vehicle, even stabbing Emperor Doviculus himself for the Heart Cutter's Double Team attack.


Accept the mercy of Doviculus!
— Druid
Feel the sacred blade!
— Druid
Fill your mind with peace.
— Druid
Be still.
— Druid
Close your eyes.
— Druid
Do not struggle.
— Druid


  • When first encoutered, The Druids appear much in the same manner as the Red-Hooded Priests featured in Ronnie James Dio's music video for "Holy Diver"; hoods down and heads bowed. In the music video, one priest raises his head to show cat eyes, while in Brutal Legend they show a demonic visage.
  • The sword the Druids use resembles a Flamberge or a Kris : both are swords with wavy blades intended to effectively rend flesh.