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Dry Ice Mines
Dry Ice Mines Rock
The Dry Ice Mines are usually much foggier than this.
Vital statistics
Type Mission location
Continent Eastern Continent
Region Black Tear Region
Inhabitants Drowning Doom
Location map
Dry Ice Mines Map
“Wow. This stuff is better than any fog machine I've ever used.” — Eddie Riggs

The Dry Ice Mines is a location on the Eastern Continent of the Brütal Land.


“Wouldn't know if you did. This fog is thick as hell.” — Kill Master

The mines are enveloped in a thick blanket of fog, making it easy for an enemy army to attack without being seen. It is located at the heart of the continent, just south of the Swamp and north of the Wraith Tree.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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During the mission "Regret's Infinite Mire", Mangus drives the Tour Bus here, unable to back out. This location acts as the battlefield on which Ironheade fights the Drowning Doom during the mission "Dry Ice, Wet Graves". Here, Ironheade outfits its Megastage with fog and later a new unit, the Rock Crusher.


  • Mangus mentions that the Dry Ice Mines looks more like a quarry than an actual mine. The multiplayer variant of this location is called Dry Ice Quarry.
  • The player can become desperately lost and wind up driving in circles if they don't use the mine cart tracks to lead them out.
  • The player can run into a Headbanger loading an unmanned Thunderhog trike with dry ice (the Headbanger cannot be interacted with).

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