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Dry Ice Quarry
Dry Ice Quarry
Map Type Original
Fan Geysers 7
Starting Merch Booths 2

Dry Ice Quarry is a multiplayer map in Brütal Legend.


This graveyard quarry has been stripped of its essence by the Tear Drinkers in attempt to claim the dark power of the diseased land for themselves. Ghostly wakes of dry ice vapor shroud this rugged pit in melancholy and doom. This sacrosanct hole is a mischievous battleground, as the thick mist of the dry ice can sometimes conceal an advancing army.


The map contains seven Fan Geysers, three of which are neutral. Each faction's Megastage starts with two Merch Booths.

The whole battlefield is enveloped in a thick fog that conceals distant units and avatars. Two parallel rock formations divide the map into three sections, with a Fan Geyser sitting directly in the middle of them. The remaining two geysers are placed closer to the Megastages; this makes it easier for them to be attacked first. Avatars can fly to the top of the rock formations, there is, however, nothing of interest there.


The name of this map is a reference to a line spoken by Mangus in regard to the Dry Ice Mines: "Looks more like a quarry to me."


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