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Eastern Continent

The Eastern Continent is a large landmass on the eastern half of the Brütal Land.


The Eastern Continent is the smaller of the two continents in the Brütal Land. Movement between the two continents is done via a bridge along the Titan Highway, east of Lionwhyte's Pleasure Tower. The continent consists of three separate regions from north to south: the Jungle of the Zaulia, the Swamps, and the Black Tear Region.

The land's southern half is usually patrolled by Drowning Doom units, and can be fought with the Ironheade units patrolling the continent, while mainly Metal Beasts and Laser Panthers reside in the upper half.

It can only be accessed after the mission "Deliver the Metal" is completed, and the bridge is completed. The following mission, "A Number of the Beasts", is the first one to take place on the Eastern Continent.

The Zaulia, Laser Panthers, Metal Beasts and the various Drowning Doom units and creatures are all indigenous to this continent and do not appear on its larger sister (with the exception of some Gravediggers patrolling near Death's Clutch)


Some notable locations within the Eastern Continent include:

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