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Eddie performing the Facemelter solo.
“Bet you wish you wore a bib, 'cause now you've got face all over your shirt.” — Eddie Riggs

Facemelter is an offensive Ironheade guitar solo that melts the faces of nearby foes.


Facemelter sends out a powerful shockwave that melts the faces of weaker infantry, killing them instantly. This solo is found outside the Spider Lair after "Exploited in the Bowels of Hell" is completed. This Solo is Ironheade's equivalent of the Curse for the Tainted Coil and Shadow Blast for the Drowning Doom.


  • Similar to the Facemelter solo, Jack Black, the voice of Eddie Riggs, sang a vocal performance in a dream sequence in the movie Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny that was so awesome, it literally blew an audience member's mind. Jack Black had previously talked about a face melting solo in the movie School of Rock, although there was no literal face melting in that movie.
  • Facemelter will kill any amount of unupgraded tier one ranged infantry in one hit, and will also lower the hit points of higher level infantry dramatically.
  • Facemelter's name is derived from the term "face melt," which means to cause fans to rock out to music.