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Fan Leech
Battersmith Fan Leech
Habitat Around Fan Geysers (during a Stage Battle)
Disposition Passive (flies away if attacked repeatedly)
Locomotion Flying
Special Features Must be driven off Fan Geysers they are attached to in order to access the Fans there
“Get away from those fans! You... you leeches!” — Eddie Riggs

The Fan Leech is a gigantic winged creature that attaches itself to Fan Geysers and must be removed by units before a merch booth can be used.


These creatures swoop down at the start of stage battles, feeding off of the Fan energy that rises to the surface whenever rock is nearby. They cannot be attacked by avatars without fan reprisal. Instead, units must be commanded to defeat them. As they grow weaker, they will be visibly bloodier, before eventually flying away.


The Fan Leeches are introduced in mission "Fists Shall Fall" and are encountered in every stage battle afterwards. Despite their need for Fan energy, they do not interfere with Ironheade's geysers during "Battle for Bladehenge".


Ironheade assaulting a Fan Leech in a multiplayer stage battle.

When a deathmatch begins, they are seen swooping down on the Fan Geysers. They function in an identical manner in the single player campaign.