Fan Geyser Discovery
“Let's hear it for the Fans!” — Eddie Riggs

Fans are a subterranean race once harnessed by the Titans to power their entire civilization. They rise to the surface in Fan Geysers whenever the potential for rock is near

Description Edit

“They fall for that one every time!” — Emperor Doviculus

Battersmith Fan Leech

In stage battles, acquiring and accumulating Fans are the key to winning. They can be swayed to serve a faction if the Fan Tribute guitar solo is played within earshot, with no opposing units to distract them. Their power allows for Megastage technology upgrades, which allow for the creation of more powerful units. Every battlefield in Brütal Legend has at least three geysers. To gain access to these Fan-rich geysers however, units must attack the Fan Leeches that feed on Fan energy. These beasts swoop down at the beginning of a battle, forcing avatars to command other units to bloody them. If an avatar tries to attack a Fan Leech or building, angry fans will retaliate. Thus, only units can damage them.

When an avatar falls in battle, they are resurrected by the Fans and returned to their stage. However, fifty Fans are granted to the opposing faction, and are deducted from the faction whose avatar died.


“Glowing people?” — Mangus

Ironheade first discovers this ancient race during the Battle for Bladehenge. Eddie Riggs understands that pleasing them is the key to victory, and begins construction of merch booths. From that point onward, securing the fan base is always the first priority.


  • When the player is exploring the world, unique dialogue options appear when near a Fan Geyser.