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Feeding Area
Map Type Original
Fan Geysers 5
Starting Merch Booths 1

Feeding Area is a multiplayer map in Brütal Legend.


A ravenous demon parasite infests the crumbling pit of an ancient Titan courtyard. This creature knows no friends, seeking only to wrap its sharpened tongue around the bones of any who stray into its reach. Winning the day in this treacherous battleground will require a level of tactical awareness worthy of the mighty Titans.


This map contains five Fan Geysers, three of which are neutral. Each faction's Megastage starts with one Merch Booth.

There are two paths to each stage. The most direct route is to simply go straight through the middle of the map. The centre of the map contains a Lamprey that will instantly kill all units and avatars it hits. There is a small window of opportunity to get across the feeding pit when it is still underwater. The best time to move units across is right after it goes back down.

The second, safer route is to the south which contains one Fan Leech. To the north is a small island that contains two Fan Geysers. The bridge to the island is accessible only by crossing the feeding pit, and the Lamprey's attack range.


  • Due to the high speed of their motorcycles, units such as Fire Barons and Tick Choppers can make it past the Lamprey in the Feeding Area unharmed. However, these units are weak against Fan Leeches and merch booths, and are left in a vulnerable state if they are attacking buildings.
  • The Lamprey will target the first unit, or avatar in range, so players can distract it by using a similar tactic as the boss battle in Welcome to the Age of Metal to allow their units safe passage.
    • Avatars MUST use their faction-appropriate vehicle (Deuce, Chariot, or Hearse) so that they can outpace the Lamprey as it attacks.


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