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Fire Baron
Fast anti-personnel short-range vehicle
Hit Points 14
Attack Damage 2.6dmg
Double Team Ring of Fire (9dmg constricting AOE)
Counter Unit To Infantry
Fan Cost 150
Load 6 (3 units, 2 load each)
“A clan of outlaw humans, the Fire Barons strive to live only for the next battle, or the next bottle. Or both, that would be fine.” — Tour Book

The Fire Baron is an Ironheade short-range vehicle unit that specializes in destroying infantry.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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“I told you they'd be back!” — Mangus

After being ambushed by the Drowning Doom, Eddie, Lita and the remaining Ironhead forces rally to face the large horde and presumably die when the Fire Barons appear on the Megastage. After confirming that Eddie Riggs and his forces are responsible for killing General Lionwhyte, their leader, The Baron, orders his unit to attack the oncoming Drowning Doom offensive.

After the battle, the Baron reveals that Doviculus reopened the Sea of Black Tears during the three months Ironheade spent encamped in the mountains and then the Barons have been continually moving north to avoid Ophelia's newly formed army. When Eddie decides to ride for the Sea of Black Tears, the Baron offers to come with him, formally joining Ironheade's army out of respect for killing Lionwhyte.


“We'd be burned alive. Fierce warriors, the Fire Barons.” — Lita Halford

Fast vehicle, infantry-killer. Fire Barons toss molotovs at their enemies which explode and ignite their targets.

In the campaign, Fire Barons are extremely potent anti-infantry units that do well against all enemy infantry, with the exception of Skull Rakers and fourth-tier uber-units. Their speed also means that they are able to reach locations and distant enemies much faster than many other Ironheade units.

Double Team[]

Eddie double teams with a Fire Baron.

Drivable vehicle. Eddie lays down a trail of flaming booze. Enveloping foes in a complete circle will trap and burn them as the circle shrinks.

When laying down the fire trail, the player should be aware that any closed shape will suffice. The fire deals good damage, but only once the ring has constricted enough to touch the enemies within.


Burn little demon!
— Fire Barons when attacking The Tainted Coil
Where'd he get those wings from?
— Fire Barons when Eddie flies away
Remember to lean with me.
— Fire Barons when Double-Teaming
Oooo, Jeez! These are hot.
— Eddie referring to exhaust pipes when Double-Teaming
So this is what it feels like to burn to death..
— Fire Barons when set on fire
Gettin' wobbly!
— Fire Barons, when near death.
Somebody help!
— Fire Barons, when near death.
Isn't there anything flamable on this thing?
— Fire Baron while attacking Merch Booth/Fan Leech
Uh-Oh. I think I'm going down!
— Fire Barons when near death


  • The Fire Barons are voiced by Matthew Wood, Stephen Stanton, Dave Boat, and Rob Halford as The Baron.
  • If, at any time during a stage battle, there are no Fire Barons on the field, the next trio that is hired will be led by The Baron himself.
  • The Fire Barons are very distinguishable by their smoke stack-like tail pipes, the Molotov Cocktails stored in a compartment on top of their gas tanks, as well as by the fact that they all ride choppers (outstretched, stylized motorcycles).



Double teaming with a Fire Baron in a Stage Battle is required to unlock the following achievement/trophy:

Bronze PS3 Bronze
Trapped 15 enemies in one ring of fire with the Fire Baron's Double Team.