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The Metal Gods give tribute to Eddie's deeds.
“Wait, how do I earn Fire Tributes?” — Eddie Riggs
“Please the fucking Gods of Metal man, figure it out!” — Guardian of Metal

Fire Tributes are the currency of Brütal Legend.


Eddie earning 10 Fire tributes while driving The Deuce.

When the Metal Gods are pleased with the player's actions they award the player with Fire Tributes. They are used to buy upgrades from The Guardian of Metal in Motor Forges.

Fire Tributes appear from the bottom of the screen as a bunch of hands holding lighters aloft (as fans do during rock concerts). The number of lighters is equal to the number of Fire Tributes that are earned (the number also appears in the upper right area of the screen).


“Impress the Rock Gods and they shall reward your awesomeness with Fire Tributes. Exchange Fire Tributes at your local Motor Forge to upgrade skills, gear, and ride.” — Instruction Manual

The following tasks allow the player to earn Fire Tributes.


Earning Fire Tributes is required to unlock the following achievement/trophy:

Silver PS3 Silver
Acquired 3,000 Fire Tributes.